Sunday, August 5, 2012

So behind...

Oh my goodness. It will be the beginning of the year in no time, and I have not done even ONE of the projects that I blogged about last! I have been so bogged down with summer school, not being able to get into my classroom and THE HEAT!!!

So in the meantime, I have been pinning like mad. I hope that I can get everything done in time... To make matters worse, I have been feeling like someone has been dancing on my head!!! Sinus pressure anytime is bad, but during the summer is worse.
Friday was the last day of summer school and I went to my classroom to bring some things I had taken to the other school and I found that the A/C is really broken (but work order is in... ok) and the toilets were backed up!!! YAY! The smell in my room was so bad, that I had to leave. I couldn't even bring anything in. I was promised that by Tuesday all would be taken care of... I only have a few days to get my room together before all of my BT (beginning teacher) trainings.        

But as one of my favorite Pinterest pins says:

So I am keeping calm and decorating on. I have been shopping for folders, markers, pens, more supplies for decorating and cute outfits!!! Tax Free Weekend rocks. I still have a few more hours to get the new office supply store deals.

Pictures soon? Maybe?


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