Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ahhh, Pinterest... my newest addiction. I can sit for hours and pin, pin, pin. I have 25 boards with over 2,000 pins. Most of my boards are school related, but there are some lifestyle boards going on too- food, clothes and beauty.

Well, I have been pinning like mad today. I have been meaning to post something here all day, but every time I get distracted by something on Pinterest. I always have it opened in a tab, waiting for new ideas to pin. I hope that I will implement many of them this year. Last year I was able to make lots of Daily 5 games and strategy posters from my Pinterest pins.

My favorite board is titled The Perfect Preppy Classroom. I have a very expensive vision for my room! Too bad I'm a teacher!!! But I am planning to make as many of these things that I possibly can.

The main ideas I will be working on for the next few weeks are:
A File Cabinet Makeover

My file cabinet is O-L-D!!! It is rusty and just will not got with the tropical brights theme I have going on. I must put some vinyl or patterned duck tape on the drawers.

Crazy Daisy Magnets for the board

DIY Magnetic Flower Clips using hot glue, artificial flowers, and magnet man clips... These crazy daisies match my curtains in my classroom!!!  
                                                    ( curtain fabric)
My curtains are a Crazy Daisy print. I love them so very much. I have pillows for the reading nook that match. I will also have a skirt made for my tech cart made from the contrasting fabric. These flower magnets will just make it all POP!!! So excited!!!

Something Fancy for the Door
website FULL of craft ideas!

I really wanted to do this at my last school, but someone else already had these premade letters from Michael's in the colors I wanted, so I didn't buy them. I wanted to be original!!! I guess I can be now at my new school!!! Yay!!

Student numbers.  Magnets.  I give my students numbers too, but this makes them even MORE useful!

I LOVE magnets!!! My board is covered in them. I don't need anymore, but I'm gonna make some!!! I've got the glass marbles and the magnets, but I am not sure what I want to glue underneath.

Classroom Library
 classroom reading area  Gotta have this quote
I want to put this saying on my windows in the book nook. I hope that they won't fade too badly. That is really gonna be cute!!! I have black bookshelves and pillows in turquoise and hot pink. So adorable!!

Storage Carts Makeover
Spruce up drawers
I have 3 of these Sterilite carts in my room. Since they are either hand-me-downs or carts from my own kid's rooms--none of them match!!! I am going to TRY to unify them with scrapbook paper. One of them will be used for daily lesson storage, the other two will be Word Work storage and Work on Writing storage for Daily/Cafe. I also have several smaller desktop drawer sets that I will try to prettify. Wish me luck!

I have so many other ideas for my room, but I think that 6 is enough to start with. I will post pics as I complete my projects. All of these projects are pinned on my board The Perfect Preppy Classroom . Please follow my boards and my blog!!! Thanks!

~The Sassy Teacher


  1. Welcome to blogging!! I love the Pinterest inspiration!! When you finish these projects, come work on a few for me... ;)
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. Thanks, Jen!!! I have admired your blog and FB page for awhile. Hopefully I can get rolling like you!!!

    Teaching summer school is keeping me from working on anything! Hopefully I get it done before my BT training in August! If I get it done, I'll come over to HAES and hook you up!