Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pinterest Projects Completed

Over the past few weeks I have been working furiously to finish my room. It started as a supply, ESL and Literacy classroom. Over the past month I have remade it into a Perfectly Preppy Owl Friendly Kindergarten classroom. All with the help of Pinterest.

Here is one idea that was simple. I saw a pin where a teacher used an index card file box to store wall word cards!!! So simple and so genius! Blurry, but genius!

Up next, my fave... the darling crazy daisy white board clips!!! I just used cheap black clips from Target's Dollar spot, clearance daisies from Michael's and hot glue! I did have to add another button magnet to the back so that the clips were actually functional and not just beautiful! I got so many compliments when I posted pics to my Facebook. Many thanks to Kindercraze blog for the idea. 

To keep me organized I have these darling daily work file boxes. I used some clearance scrapbook paper from Walmart- $2.00 and file boxed from Ikea 5/$1.99. Holla!! I got this idea from Clutter-Free Classroom. I pray that it keeps me more organized than I was last year!

This next idea was a Pinterest show stopper. That crafty Maria over at Kindercraze had fingers furiously pinning with her "fancied up" Sterilite drawers. Here is my attempt. I love them so much!!! One set is for my Word Work D5 station and the others are for miscellaneous supplies and to look cute near the hall door!

Don't ask me how these pictures got all wonky! Anyway, the green drawers are from my oldest son's room (thanks Justin)  and one of the white drawers is from a friend who is leaving teaching to have her precious baby girl. Thanks Ella's mommy!!! The scrapbook paper I used was on clearance at Michael's ($5.00 for a huge pack!) and the double sided tape was less than $3 at Walmart. I know that you can see the tape, but I think that they are still cute!

Here is a picture of the back door to my classroom. It opens out to the bus loop/parking lot. How lucky is that? I had seen these banners floating around Pinterest but I didn't want to pay for one. My good friend Lisa brought me some huge die cut paws from the school where she taught summer school. Our school is the home of the Cougars, so I thought that this would be great to put on that ugly back door. It says  'welcome' in dot and stick letters. I think that it is something cute to look at for the classes coming in from the playground. 

I never got around to painting my old ugly file cabinet. With everything else going on, I didn't want to mess with paint.  I will post a better classroom tour very soon. I hope. School starts Monday and I'm exhausted! I have spent the last 2 weeks in my room from 8  AM to 8 PM. Saturdays and Sundays included! Beat down is not the word!

I hope you enjoy it!!! 


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