Monday, July 6, 2015

Confirmation...steps in the right direction

Summer break is the time for reflection and renewal. I have been reflecting on what things were challenging this past year and classroom management and my organization were two major issues. 

In my last post, I detailed where I lacked in my morning arrival routines and how I could fix that next year. Having the paper/pencil tasks will help keep the students focused and accountable for their time while I have hall duty. 

I have been scouring the interwebs--blogs, Pinterest-- for ideas on how to tighten up my management and get better organized.  I ran across an article on Facebook about classroom management and I will say that it hit the spot for me.  The article Effective Classroom Managers Do These 5 Things on Minds in Bloom blog was written by Leah Cleary at What's New With Leah. Over the next few blog posts, I will explore this article and what I take from it to improve my classroom. 

Number 1- Mindset

Leah says that effective classroom managers expect to be in charge and listened to. I totally agree with that. I think that I have always been good at that. When I am reading or teaching, my students know that I am the one to be paying attention to. Ms. Sassy's got it like that! 

Number 2- Planning

Now, THIS is where I see much room for improvement. I can be flexible when things go wrong or time becomes a factor.Not a problem, but, I struggle with keeping the pace moving in these long blocks--specifically my literacy block. Our literacy block is 90 minutes and I have several mini-lessons planned for the week, Daily 5 stations planned and assessments and district things to give. My issue comes when I cannot find whatever handout or assessment paper I need. I frantically look for it as my angels get out of hand. I need a place to put things so I can find them. I am a "piler". I have systems for the students to be organized--a place to file finished/graded work, a place to put completed assignments, a place to turn in homework. 

To begin my quest for organization, I went to the guru herself, my Momma. She's the most organized person I know. I was organized as a kid, a parent and wife because of her. I don't know why I cannot translate this over to school!!  I sat down with Momma and she helped me get to the crux of my issue. I need a place to put papers so that they can be easily accessible. This system will be just for me. A place where I can put administrative papers as well as papers for each subject. So I bought one of these pocket organizers. I got a 5 pocket one with folders that match my tropical brights theme at Target for $2.99. 

Hopefully this will help me begin to organize papers and feel more in control during class. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey to becoming a better me!

~Ms. Sassy

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